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Books on Windows

Dr Sarah Morley Wilkins is the award-winning author of a series of books and diagrams on Microsoft Windows for blind and visually impaired users. Her books all describe fundamental Windows concepts from a non-visual perspective, allowing users working with braille, speech or screen-magnification access technology to learn about Windows in a meaningful way. Users are thereby enabled to make the most of their screen access technology and other applications because they already have a firm understanding of Windows and its common applications.

Windows 7 and Vista ExplainedNew: Windows 7 and Vista Explained

'Windows 7 and Vista Explained: A guide for blind and partially sighted users' is the only book you'll need to learn about Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista from a non-visual perspective. Designed to empower blind and partially sighted computer users, IT trainers and support staff, it is a comprehensive guide, covering the basics of computer terminology and Windows concepts right through to advanced Windows 7 and Windows Vista functionality, with keyboard commands throughout.

Windows XP ExplainedWindows XP Explained

'Windows XP Explained: A Guide for Blind and Visually Impaired Users' is a comprehensive guide to Windows XP, from basic concepts to more advanced functionality, suitable for new users and those upgrading from a previous version of Windows. Written from a non-visual perspective, specifically for users of assistive technology, with keyboard commands and mouse operations given throughout.

Windows 98 ExplainedWindows 98 Explained

'Windows 98: An Overview for Blind and Visually Impaired Users' is an overview guide to the new features of Windows 98 for blind and visually impaired users already familiar with basic Windows concepts, all described from a non-visual perspective, with keyboard commands.

Windows 95 ExplainedWindows 95 Explained

Award-winning 'Windows 95 Explained: A Guide for Blind and Visually Impaired Users' is a book on Windows 95, from concepts to applications, all from a non-visual perspective, with keyboard commands throughout. Translations are available in Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese and Russian.

Windows ConceptsWindow Concepts

Award-winning 'Window Concepts: An Introductory Guide for Blind and Visually Disabled Users' was written for Windows 3.1. Translations are available in Japanese and French.