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Windows 95 Explained

A guide for blind and visually impaired users

Windows 95 Explained cover. Link to larger image.Sarah Morley
ISBN: 1 85878 118 3. Published by Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK, 1997.
© Sarah Morley 1997

With the rapid emergence of Windows 95 in our homes and offices, this new Guide fills an important gap in the Windows literature. It describes the fundamental Windows 95 concepts from a non-visual perspective, and provides a listing of Windows keyboard commands together with a comprehensive glossary, which will enable current computer users to start to work comfortably in Windows 95 with whatever access technology they have. Some of the more advanced functionality is also described to help users make more effective use of Windows 95.

'Windows 95 Explained' is aimed at individuals, trainers, schools and libraries and anybody working with Windows 95 and users with special needs, who need to learn how to use Windows 95 - without having to see the screen.

Picture of a braille tactile diagram showing the Start menu.

Photo caption: A picture of a braille tactile diagram showing the Start menu.

This Guide is a sequel to "Window Concepts: An Introductory Guide for Visually Disabled Users", which described the concepts behind Microsoft Windows 3.1, and which has been voluntarily translated into French and Japanese. This Guide has received international acclaim, and is being used by individuals, trainers, educational and corporate establishments. Many people have requested a similar book for Windows 95. And here it is - 'Windows 95 Explained'.

The Guide is available in print, on IBM disk, on audio cassette and in Braille, with accompanying tactile and large print diagrams.

View the table of contents and the list of translations.

Book formats (£7 any format)

  • Print (size 14 point, 151 pages)
  • Disk (Floppy containing ASCII and zipped Word 6 files)
  • Braille (Grade 2, in 3 volumes)
  • Audio-cassette (6 tapes)

The Print Guide contains diagrams illustrating many of the objects and events outlined in the Guide.

Diagram formats

Tactile and Large Print diagrams can be purchased separately.

  • Tactile diagrams (Braille-based) - £5.50
  • Tactile diagrams (Non Braille-based with audio or disk description) - £5.50, ideal for non-braillists or for those who have trouble with English
  • Large Print Diagrams - £3.00

See the list of distributors. Please note that export prices are likely to be higher than those listed here; contact distributors for details of prices in other countries.

The Royal National Institute of the Blind and National Braille Press are authorised distributors providing these materials at subsidised rates. If you find these materials for sale at higher prices elsewhere, please contact the author.