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As well as English, 'Windows 95 Explained' is currently available in Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese and Russian. Thanks to all those involved in making this material available in other languages.


The Dutch translation was produced by Alva B.V. in the Netherlands, and is only available from The Exports Department, The Royal National Institute for the Blind, PO Box 173, Peterborough PE2 6WS, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1733 370 777 (ask for Exports).


The French translation was made by Alain Bardet, and produced by AVH (Association Valentin Haüy pour le bien des Aveugles). It is available from AVH, 5, Rue Duroc, 75343 Paris Cedex 07.
Tel: 01 44 49 27 37
Fax: 01 44 49 27 20


The German translation was made and produced by Doris Hippeli, and 'Windows 95 - Eine Einführung für Blinde und Sehbehinderte' can be ordered in print (14 point), Disk (ascii and Word files), Audio-cassette, and braille from Doris Hippeli EDV-Schulung, Altostr. 146 a, D-81249 Munich, Germany.
Tel: + 49 89 86 48 78 71
Fax: + 49 89 86 48 78 73


The Hungarian translation was made by Mihaly Szuhaj, and produced by The Hungarian Federation of Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ), and is available in print, braille, audio-tape and disk from Magyar Vakok és Gyengénlátók Országos Szövetsége (Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted), H-1146 Budapest XIV, Hermina út 47, Hungary.
Tel: Budapest 3 210 440


The Japanese version was translated by Tetsuya Watanabe from the National Institute of Vocational Rehabilitation (NIVR), and is available from the publishers in print, audio, and braille from Hiroshi Kitabayashi, Information Device Access Support Association for the Blind (IDAS), 10-3 Honshio-cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-0003, Japan.
Tel: +81 3 3351 3208
Fax: +81 3 3351 3189


The Russian translation was produced by OOO 'IPTK Logos' VOS of the All-Russia Association of the Blind, and is available in braille from Director: V.Stepanov, OOO "IPTK "Logos" VOS", Malomoskovskaya Str. 8-2, 129164, Moscow, Russia.
Tel/Fax: +7 095 283 58 35