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Windows 98 Explained

An overview for blind and visually impaired users

Dr Sarah Morley with Anna Dresner
Published by the Royal National Institute of the Blind, UK, 2001
© Sarah Morley and Anna Dresner 2001

This Guide describes the new features of Windows 98 for blind and visually impaired users who are already familiar with Windows 95, enabling them to take full advantage of Windows 98 when using it with access technology.

Read 'Windows 98 Explained: An Overview for Blind and Visually Impaired Users' to learn about the differences between Windows 95 and Windows 98, and how to use its new features if you are a keyboard user working with speech, braille, or screen-magnification access technology.

The book assumes that you are familiar with Windows concepts, which are described in detail in Sarah Morley’s previous award-winning book and diagrams 'Windows 95 Explained: A Guide for Blind and Visually Impaired Users'. Since the concepts behind Windows 95 and Windows 98 are the same, this new guide does not repeat descriptions of basic Windows concepts.

'Windows 98 Explained' is aimed at users, and those supporting or teaching blind or visually impaired users, who need to learn how Windows 98 works from a non-visual perspective.

The Guide is available in print, on disk, on audio cassette and in braille.

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Book Formats (£5 any format)

  • Print (size 14 point) - £5.00
  • Disk (Floppy containing an ASCII file) - £5.00
  • Braille (Grade 2) - £5.00
  • Audio-cassette - £5.00

Special Offer

Save over 15% when you buy both 'Windows 98 Explained' and 'Windows 95 Explained' at the same time (excludes diagrams) for the combined UK price of £10.00.

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  • Print 1-85878-460-3
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  • Tape 1-85878-462-X
  • Disk 1-85878-463-8

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